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Portland Jetport

JetBlue Airways leaves the gate at the Portland International Jetport.

Chances are your first glimpse of Maine will be on approach to one of the state’s two major airports. It could also be from the deck of a luxury cruise ship sailing past one of Maine’s wildlife rich islands. Adventurous souls may decide to take a road trip, especially delightful when the fall colors are ablaze. No matter how you choose to travel to and around this amazing state, you will find a number of Maine transportation services available to you.

Airports, Airline & Air Charter Services

Portland International Jetport is the largest major airport and is roughly five miles from Portland’s city center. Bangor International Airport is a two hours drive northeast of Portland, off of Interstate 95. Both service international and domestic air carriers. The more than 145 smaller airports found throughout Maine are considered regional, municipal or private. Air charter services operate out of both major airports and some of the smaller facilities. Read more >

Bus Lines

Maine offers scheduled and charter bus services. Greyhound offers service throughout the state with connections to New York City and beyond. Acadia Lines services the Maritimes and regional bus lines such as Aroostook service their own area and neighboring counties. Charter services offer full size buses and shuttle vans for private events and scheduled tours. Regional, airport and city bus/shuttle services are also available. Read More >

Cruise Lines 

Cruise ships are a delightful way to explore Maine’s coastal region. As you sail between varied ports such as Belfast, Freeport and Rockland, you’ll get picture postcard views of the dozens of lighthouses that dot the coast. Chances are you’ll have a few dolphins or whales escorting you along the way. Some cruises concentrate on Maine and the New England Coast, while others include Canadian destinations. Read More >

Ferry Systems

Maine’s ferry system services several areas along the coast. The state is blessed with 3,478 miles of undulating coastline and roughly 4,600 coastal islands. Taking a ferry ride is like a wildlife rich mini-cruise. The smaller vessels can get closer to islands that are home to puffins and other seabirds as well as lazy seals snoozing in the sun, providing perfect photo ops. Read More >

Car Rentals, Limousines & Taxis

Limousines and taxis are readily available at both major airports as well as several regional fields. Limousines are typically pre-booked and most include an arrival passenger meet and greet. Some limo services offer sightseeing tours as well as point-to-point transfers. Depending on the firm, taxi service may be pre-arranged or available curb-side. Hotel front desks and/or the concierge can arrange both types of service. Limousine and taxi service is available throughout the state, with the exception of remote locations that can only be reached by boat or plane. Read More >

Recreational Vehicle Rentals

Taking your Maine vacation in a recreational vehicle is scenic, relaxing and ultimately rewarding. A number of state and national parks offer campgrounds that accept RVs. Some are in the midst of a forest, others on the shores of tranquil lakes. Private campgrounds, often offering resort like amenities, are another option. If you haven’t made the journey in your own rig, RV rental companies offer everything from camper vans to the bus-sized Class As. Read More >

Passenger Train Service / AMTRAK

Railroad buffs will delight in Maine’s train service. Ride on a sleek AMTRAK liner into Portland from Boston or points farther afield. Or hop aboard the vintage Art Deco style cars of the Maine Eastern Railroad for a 57 mile coastal ride from Brunswick to Rockland. If you are in the mood for a bit of nostalgia, head to the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad for a ride on a system that began in the late 1800s. The restored train is pulled by an old-fashioned steam engine that really does huff and puff as it chugs along. Read More >

Maine Turnpike & Highway Systems

Maine’s turnpike and highway systems invite exploration. They are a pleasure to drive, especially in the fall when the forests are bathed in orange, red and gold. Drive the Maine Turnpike and taste the salty tang of the sea as you travel from one coastal village to another. Interstate 95 runs the length of the state, passing through the interior on its way to Canada. It is the fastest way to get through the state, but does not sacrifice natural beauty. Less traveled roadways allow you a closer look at old-growth forests, hidden pocket beaches and maybe even a moose or two. Read More >

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