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       Alces alces, a member of the deer family better known as the "moose", are densely populated in the state of Maine. They are most prevalent in the following regions: Western Mountains & Lakes, Kennebec & Moose River Valleys, Maine Highlands (Moosehead Lake Area), and Aroostook County. One must take caution when seeking out this animal as they can be extremely dangerous at times. However, during the appropriate seasons and with the help of Registered Maine Guides, visitors can observe and photograph these beautiful mammals in their natural habitats!

       Moose are most likely spotted during late spring to mid-summer and the month of September. Early morning and evening and noon to 2 p.m. seem to be the best times of day for spotting these large animals while they eat a diet of woodland and aquatic vegetation (Up to 40 - 50 lbs. a day!). During your search, keep in mind the fact that a moose does have poor eyesight, but a very keen sense of hearing and smell. Also remember to stay away from cows (females) with calves in tow, and bulls (males) during “Rutting Season” as they are likely to charge the unwary tourist! To hear the sounds of the moose, please click on the slide show photos at the top of this page. For further information about wildlife touring, see the related links below. For a map of Maine (PDF file) click here.

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