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Maine Pet Friendly Vacations

Maine draws thousands of visitors each year, many of whom return season after season. The state’s natural beauty and interesting topography make it a top destination for those who love the outdoors. Maine’s sand beaches, rocky coast, inland mountains, meandering rivers, and dozens of parks draw outdoor enthusiasts from across the world. If you love to travel with your four-legged friend, Maine is a great destination for you.

Many state parks, beaches, and lakes permit dogs to accompany you, although some restrictions may apply. Pet-friendly accommodations and restaurants can be found throughout the state.  You can bring items with you such as America’s Pet dog ramps to many hotels in the area. If you can’t find an inn or hotel that allows pets, consider booking a local kennel or dog-sitting service to board your pooch. Whenever you travel with a pet in Maine, there is a risk of accidents or illness. Wild animals in wilderness animals may act unpredictably and have an encounter with your pet. Always know the address and phone number of a local veterinarian in case of an emergency. With proper precautions and your dog at your side, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime in Maine.

To see a list of Maine pet friendly vacation ideas by region click here for “Maine Pet Friendly Travel Guides“.

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