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Maine Public Reserved Lands

If you’re seeking a wilder, more isolated experience than those offered by Maine’s state parks, consider visiting the state’s Public Reserved Lands. There are 29 Public Reserved Land areas protected from commercial development. In total, Maine’s Public Reserved Lands comprise over 500,000 acres of backcountry. Most of these land areas remain free and open to the public by using revenue from careful timber management; other land units are managed with nearby landowners and must charge small entrance fees. Pets are allowed at all of the Public Reserved Lands areas, although dogs must be kept on short leashes at campsites and along beaches.

Unlike Maine’s state park system, Public Reserved Lands are not staffed by park rangers. The areas have primitive amenities and offer a remote backcountry experience. Always let a friend or loved one know where you are traveling when camping or hiking in the backcountry.

To see all of the Maine Public Reserved Lands by region click here.

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