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I-95 intersects with the Town of Houlton, Maine and the surrounding farmlands.

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On your next trip to Maine, schedule time to explore the town of Houlton and its neighbors: Amity, Cary, Hodgdon, Linneus, Littleton, Ludlow, Monticello and New Limerick. Set in northern Maine’s scenic Aroostook County region just three miles from the Canadian border, Houlton serves as the county seat, earning it the nickname “Shire Town.”

The Houlton region has a long military history. The first settlers arrived in 1807, and almost 20 years later, the U.S. Military constructed Hancock Barracks in the area; the post housed soldiers during the Aroostook War. During WWI, the first transatlantic radio intelligence station intercepted German communications. In 1941, the Army constructed the Houlton Army Air Base, which later served as an interment camp for prisoners of war.

Attractions & Places of Interest

Today, Houlton and its neighboring towns attract visitors year-round with its many historic and recreational attractions.

The area’s long history provides a number of opportunities to learn about Houlton’s past. One of the best places to start is Market Square; for more than 200 years, this lively area has been the center of activity in town; it’s also ringed by Victorian-era buildings and a number of sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At the center of Monument Park, the Boy in the Boot statue mirrors those found in various places around the U.S. and Europe. Though there are many stories about the statue’s origins, all that’s known for sure is that the boy has stood in the fountain holding his leaky boot since 1916.

Historic homes around town include the 1882 Amazeen House. Listed on the National Register, this impressive Victorian stands as an example of the Italianate architectural style. Also on the Register, the Edward L. Cleveland House was built in 1902 for one of the largest potato growers in the U.S., and the Walter P. Mansur House, which was home to the first president of the First National Bank of Houlton.

Houlton is also home to the Aroostook County Courthouse and Jail; built in 1859, this historic brick building is listed on the National Registers, as is the Blackhawk Public Tavern, which dates from 1813 and is an example of the Exotic Revival architectural style.

Other landmarks around town include the Unitarian Church of Houlton, which was constructed in 1902, and the Cary Library was built in 1903 and is still housed in its original granite building. You can learn more about Houlton at the Aroostook County Historical & Art Museum; it’s housed in a 1903 building constructed in the Colonial Revival style and contains artifacts from around Houlton and the region.

Outdoor Recreation & Events

Houlton offers plenty of chances to get out into the great outdoors, too. The Meduxnekeag River flows through the center of town, offering a range of kayaking and canoeing sites, depending on the season. Hikers can explore the miles of trails around town, and golfers can play nine or 18 holes at the Houlton Community Golf Course.

If you’re planning on visiting in July, don’t miss the Houlton Agricultural Fair. This annual event, which takes place over the 4th of July, celebrates the area’s agriculture and cultural traditions.

Lodging & Dining

Visitors to this scenic region can take their pick of lodging options, from intimate bed and breakfasts to cozy inns, motels to hotels. When you’re visiting Houlton, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, the area’s many eateries can provide the perfect meal, from fast food to sit-down dining.

Houlton Area Directories

Visit the following directories to find lodging, dining, attractions, shops, services and recreational activities in the Houlton, Maine area.

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