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Maine Lakefront Home

No matter what your age or income, you can find a home in Maine. From the bustling activity of the state’s cities and urban centers to the relaxed atmosphere of the Southern Maine Coast, you can find the perfect home–or second home for your family. Maine is a year-round travel destination, and the same natural beauty and active outdoor lifestyle that appeals to vacationers is a huge draw for home owners and year round residents as well.

Moving to Maine

Families, couples and single folks looking for an active, dynamic lifestyle may find that Maine suits their needs well. From the fast paced charm of cities like Portland and Bangor to the “green” outdoorsy lifestyle offered in Freeport, Maine has plenty to offer families of all sizes. Moving to a state that draws tourists from all over the country means that you’ll have a great variety of charming homes and towns to choose from, making it easy to find a home that suits your lifestyle. Luckily, even if you’re coming from a long ways away, there are long distance moving companies that can easily handle such a task.

College towns like Brunswick (home of Bowdoin College) and Lewiston (home of Bates College) draw more than just students; these areas offer plenty for growing families and seniors as well. Head for the southern coast of Maine if you are drawn to the sea–from rustic cottages to surfside mansions, you can find exactly the right home and neighborhood for your family.

Vacation Homes

If you pack up the car, the kids and the dog and head for Maine every vacation week you get, consider purchasing a second or vacation home in your favorite area. If you find yourself returning to the same region again and again, and you want to secure your own piece of real estate, picking up a second home may be the way to go. As of 2012, Maine vacation home prices are at an unprecedented low, making it more affordable than ever to get a great price on your dream home.

Owning a second home makes sense in many situations — whether you want to retire to Maine someday and need a place that you already own and enjoy, or you want to establish a family tradition with your own children, a vacation home is a great way to get started. By owning instead of renting, you will know exactly where you are spending your next vacation, and you can improve on your home and yard every time you visit. Having a second home also means you won’t have to haul a lot of luggage and gear with you when you go on vacation. Ever had to haul a boat to and from your destination? If you have, you know how much travel time you can lose just transporting gear from one place to another. With a vacation home, you can keep everything you need on site, and be ready to play the moment you arrive.

While many people think of Maine’s beaches when they think vacation home, don’t overlook the other parts of the state. You can find affordable and desirable real estate in the Highlands, and lakes and mountain regions of Maine as well. Pretty much any part of the state that is ideal for vacationing has prime real estate that is perfect for a second home as well.

Affordability is often an issue for those purchasing a second home. Since Maine has both an active summer season, with plenty of hiking, camping and beach activities, and a winter season, with skiing, skating and hunting, you can rent your second home out for part of the year. Renting during the peak vacation seasons will allow you to supplement your budget–and may cut your expenses considerably.

Retiring to Maine

Maine’s natural beauty and the wealth of culture, dining and outdoor activities lead many to believe that the state is too expensive for most retirees. Maine is actually very affordable, and was recently ranked one of the best states to retire to by both and the AARP.

Maine has many exclusive retirement neighborhoods along the coast, offering a superb community-based retirement option; single homes and multi-family homes are plentiful throughout the state as well. Active seniors will appreciate both the state’s outdoor lifestyle and the number of fellow seniors — Maine is one of the “oldest” and most senior friendly states in the nation. Read more >

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