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Fall Foliage Touring

The below dates refer to "Zone 5", the Western Mountain Zone,
which includes all of Northern Franklin County

Peak Fall Foliage Dates 

1991 - October 2nd

1996 - October 9th

1992 -  October 3rd

1997 - October 8th

1993 - October 6th

1998 - Sept. 30th

1994 - October 8th

1999 - October 6th 

1995 - October 4th

2000 - October 4th

2001 - October 3rd

2002 - October 7th

       Weather conditions are key in determining the intensity of foliage color, with the primary factors being temperature and moisture. Ideal conditions are a warm, wet spring, good summer weather, and a warm, sunny fall with moderately cool evening temperatures. A late spring or severe summer drought can delay the onset of the foliage season. An unusually warm fall will produce subdued color intensity in the foliage.

       Leaf colors are typically grouped in these four categories: BROWNS: Black and White Oak; PURPLES: White Ash and Witch Hazel; REDS & SCARLETS: Hornbeam, Red, Mountain & Sugar Maple and Black, Red, Scarlet & White Oak; YELLOWS: Green & Black Ash, Basswood, Beech, Birches, Butternut, Elm and Maple (Boxelder, Mountain, Silver, Striped & Sugar), Mountain Ash, Poplar, Serviceberry, Willow and Witch Hazel.

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