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Maine Bed & Breakfast Inn

A picturesque bed & breakfast inn with cottage garden in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Those looking for a vacation that will allow them to soak up the beauties of nature need look no further than Maine. Maybe your preference is the glorious coastline, where you can breathe in the bracing air and revel in breathtaking ocean views. Or perhaps you would rather stay in an idyllic inland setting of pristine lakes and hushed forests. And those seeking a unique experience can stay at a lighthouse inn or even at establishments that are reported to be haunted. The country inns and bed-and-breakfasts are constructed in a variety of styles, including painted-lady Victorian and stately Colonial, as well as more modest, but immensely charming designs. Maine truly has it all.

Bed & Breakfasts vs Country Inns

Some may wonder how bed-and-breakfasts differ from country inns. One of the differences is the size, with the former being smaller than the latter. Bed-and-breakfasts tend to have between one and 15 guest rooms, while country inns usually have at least 10. Bed-and-breakfasts also tend to be owner-occupied, with the guests areas separate from the owner’s quarters. Normally, bed-and-breakfasts adhere to all local building and health requirements. An additional difference is meals – country inns tend to provide dinner, as well as breakfast.

Unique Maine Bed & Breakfasts

For the incurably romantic, nothing is as irresistible as the idea of staying overnight at a lighthouse. Several options are available, one being on an island, accessible only by boat. Although some may not provide the amenities of others, such as meals, all offer unforgettable views. While the interiors of some of these establishments can be elegant, others are spartan, where the visitor is required to bring their own bedding. Some are rented by the week with prices ranging from $1,500 to $6,900. Those renting by the night start around $150.

Dotted across the Maine landscape are farm bed-and-breakfasts, where you can enjoy organically grown vegetables and berries. Some will permit you to get a taste of farm life by providing opportunities to pitch in with the chores, including milking a cow or gathering eggs. All provide peace and quiet, a welcoming respite from an urban environment. The locations of these inns and bed-and-breakfasts are often strategic spots for antiquing or for engaging in water sports. They are perhaps some of the most inexpensive lodgings in the state, with rates starting as low as $50 per night.

Maine Bed & Breakfasts – Coasts, Lakes & Cities

Strewn along the Maine coast are inns and bed-and-breakfasts with million dollar views of the Atlantic Ocean. During the day, you can watch the sun sparkling in the water like diamonds, and at night, you’ll be entranced with the water’s reflection of the soft glow of moonlight. Those close to a lighthouse will see the beams of light guiding sailors to a safe harbor. The spectacular views are not confined to land and sea, but include the sky as well. Displayed across the wide expanse of night sky in rural areas is a spectacular display of stars that alone is worth the trip. The considerable charm of many of these lodgings will quite blow you away, and the rates are not very costly, many of them being in the $100 to $150 range.

Portland contains several handsome bed-and-breakfasts within walking distance to museums, boutique shopping and restaurants. After a day of sightseeing, you can repair back to one of these inns that seem like havens of comfort and relaxation. The rates start at just under $100 per night.

In the city of Camden, where the mountain meets the ocean, you can choose from an array of marvelous bed-and-breakfasts, a few of which provide luxuries, such as feather beds, sumptuous robes and fresh flowers. Some are a close proximity to galleries and interesting shops. Rates start around $100 per night.

Although some Maine bed-and-breakfasts are rustic, others are quite elegant. Those seeking lodgings with the latter quality should stay in one of the historic sites, which generally tend to be more grand and luxurious. Their locations are scattered; some being on the coast, while others are inland. The rates start around $120 per night and go up from there.

The Maine coast in known for its fabulous views, but the lakeside views from some of the inland bed-and-breakfasts are no less beautiful. Some of the locations of these include Rangeley Lake, Sebago Lake, Moosehead Lake, Baxter State Park and Tripp Lake, along with Pleasant Lake and Long Lake. Off season rates start as low as $100, but those having more sumptuous decors are considerably higher.

While some Maine bed-and-breakfasts are within cities, conveniently located for easy access to local attractions, many are in rural areas. In this latter group, the appeal is all about comfort, natural beauty and fresh air, along with taking time to reflect, resulting in rest and emotional renewal. Because the bed-and-breakfasts and inns are vastly diverse, there is truly one for every taste.

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