The Strange in Maine

Maine Ghost Ship

A ghost ship sailing the Maine coast or just a mirage?

Visitors flock to Maine to bask on warm sandy beaches, dine on fresh seafood or travel into the vast interior to commune with nature. Sometimes that communing takes on a whole new dimension. We half-expect a moose ambling along the side of the road or to be munching on the side of a mountain lake. We go in search of whales and sail past vintage lighthouses on sailing tours of the Gulf of Maine. But how much thought do we give to what other creatures, fictional or otherwise, could be living in those forests, in deep-water mountain lakes or beneath the ocean waves?

Those staying in Maine’s cities may also have a surprise or two. Centuries of different cultures clashing, of sailors lost at sea and hardships for both young and old have given rise to ghost stories. Then there are the tales of visitors from outer space and how they apparently find Maine so appealing. Think about it, you just might have your own story to tell about your eye-opening visit to this most charismatic state.

Bigfoot Sightings

Rumors of Sasquatch or Bigfoot are common throughout the more remote parts of the United States and Canada. Maine, with its thick forests and lightly populated interior, is no exception. People are often reluctant to step forward, fearing the criticism of non-believers. But when you think about it, some parts of Maine, such as Katahdin Mountain in Baxter State Park or the hidden waterways of Penobscot County are about as far away from civilization as you can get. If a bear can walk past a human while hidden in a forest thick with trees, why not Sasquatch? Scientists are still trying to prove the existence of these creatures that appear more human than ape. For now, they remain mostly an intriguing part of Maine’s backwoods lore. Read More >

Blue Lobsters

Most visitors to Maine first encounter lobsters on their dinner plates. It is one of the must-not-miss dishes when visiting the state. Lobster fishing has also been part of the state’s economy for generations. Today lobster boat tours take you out for a first hand look on how these heavily armored crustaceans are caught and handled. Sometimes what is pulled from beneath the waves is far bigger than the norm. Usually these giant creatures become the object of scientific study, some achieving celebrity status. The same is true of lobsters that are oddly colored, like the occasional blue or half-and-half varieties, both rare. Learn some of the quirks about Maine’s famed crustaceans. Read More >

Ghosts & Haunted Houses

Does a well-written mystery tinged with a bit of ghostly vapors get your blood going? If so, Maine is the place to indulge your interests in all things paranormal. Centuries old lighthouses, haunted Victorian mansions and cemeteries with residents that do not rest quietly all tell tales of Maine’s tumultuous past. You may even have a ghostly sighting while sailing off the coast. Is that a vintage sailing ship in the distance, or a mirage teasing you as it sails into a mist-shrouded horizon? Author Stephen King, a Bangor native, does his part to convince you that Maine is truly ghost-friendly. Read More >

Sea Serpents & Lake Monsters

The dinosaurs, or at least their giant versions, have long been extinct on land. There is the rumor that the chicken on your dinner plate is a distant cousin, but that’s another story. Yet, do we really know what lies beneath the ocean waves, or in the depths of a land-locked lake? Did the catastrophe that demolished the dinosaurs on land spare those that lived, or live, in the oceans? Sea monsters and lake monsters have been part of Maine’s folklore for centuries, going back to the Native Americans. The fact that sightings were reported as recently as the late 1900s may have some of us, scientist included, wondering exactly what is swimming in Maine’s remote lakes and off its rugged coastline. Read More >

UFO Sightings

It appears that extraterrestrial visitors find Maine especially welcoming. What more could your space-going alien want? Remote forests, interesting people to study and an animal population that includes the puzzling moose. They are probably still trying to figure out how the animal carries around what might look, to them, like an interstellar antenna. Recorded sightings of UFOs have been reported in Maine since the early 1800s. Even one of their river monsters, the “White Monkey” is rumored to have extraterrestrial connections. Why do they keep coming back? Perhaps remote power lines act as intergalactic refueling stops, with little chance of discovery. Maybe they are still trying to figure the moose, and us, out. Either way, Earthly visitors to Maine may start to wonder what lies beyond the Aurora Borealis. Read More >

What Else Could Be Out There?

Maine has its legends, perhaps some more believable than others. Could it be that there are more undiscovered creatures, more legends yet to be told? In Maine, you will soon learn that anything is possible.

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