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LL Bean Boot

LL Bean's Maine hunting shoes are symbolic of Maine made products.

Maine has a history of entrepreneurship and commercial enterprise. Its excellent natural resources provide the raw materials for many manufactured products, including balsam Christmas wreaths, balsam pillows, sea glass jewelry, adirondack chairs, pottery, wool blankers, lobster and seafood, maple products, chocolates, whoopie pies, blueberry products, and tourmaline jewelry. A variety of companies produce goods that proudly bear the label “Made in Maine.”

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is perhaps the quintessential Maine company. Founded in 1911 by outdoorsman Leon Leonwood Bean, L.L. Bean began as a basement operation that produced the iconic Maine Hunting Shoe. Over the next century, the company expanded to produce men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, outdoor gear, luggage, home goods, hunting and fishing gear, and many other products. Consider visiting the flagship L.L. Bean store in Freeport or one of the dozens of other locations around the country. L.L. Bean goods are also available for purchase online through its website.

Planet Dog

Planet Dog began in Portland in 1997 with the mission of creating high-quality, eco-friendly dog products. From manufacturing dog toys, treats, collars, and grooming supplies to apparel and novelty items for dog owners, Planet Dog has remained true to its original mission. Many products are made in the United States and most are environmentally friendly. Visit the Planet Dog company store in Portland or purchase its products from retailers around the country. Visit the Planet Dog website for more information.

Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine began when Tom and Kate Chappell left their big city life for Kennebunk and started a natural personal care product business. Tom’s manufactures toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss, mouthwash, soap, and other personal care items. No Tom’s products contain artificial colors, artificial fragrances, preservatives, animal ingredients, gluten, grapefruit seed extract, ethylene glycol, parabens, peroxides, phthalates, artificial sweeteners, or triclosan. Purchase Tom’s personal care products from its website or from locations around the country; many Walgreens and CVS pharmacies also carry Tom’s products.

Stonewall Kitchens

The founders of Stonewall Kitchen began by selling jam at a local farmer’s market. Since its inception in 1991, the company has grown to sell specialty food items, kitchen tools, home and garden products, and a variety of other quality products. Visit one of its nine store locations in New England or shop online at the Stonewall Kitchen website.

DeLorme Maps

In 1976, DeLorme published its first paperback state Atlas and Gazetteer, earning its reputation as a quality mapmaker. The company embraced digital technology and now manufactures paper atlases, GPS devices, and data collection software for map-making professionals. Both amateur users and professionals will enjoy DeLorme’s innovative map solutions. These high-quality map products are available for purchase online on the DeLorme website.

Angela Adams

The Angela Adams design house, based in Portland, is known across the country for its fashion-forward, modern designs. Angela Adams specializes in furniture, area rugs, pillows, throws, linens, fine art prints, jewelry, scarves, and other personal and home accessories. The company draws upon Maine scenery and motifs as inspiration for many designs. Call 1-800-255-9454 for more information about Angela Adams’ modern yet timeless designs.

Brahms Mount

Founded in the late 1970s, Brahms Mount specializes in signature textile designs. The company produces blankets, throws, and towels made from linen, lambswool, cotton, alpaca, and a variety of other textiles. Customers love the company’s classic, graphic patterns and understated style. Purchase Brahms Mount products online or at its Hallowell location.

Grain Surfboards

Founder Mike LaVecchia started Grain Surfboards in a home basement a few miles from York Beach. The company designs custom surfboards, commercially-available boards, and do-it-yourself surfboard kits. All surfboards are made from local white cedar on a lightweight internal frame using techniques that prevent cracking or pressure dings. Grain Surfboards frequently offers classes to teach surfers to build their own boards. Visit the Grain Surfboards website for more information about ordering.

Jill McGowan

Jill McGowan began her design business with a collection of women’s classic white shirts inspired by her work in the menswear industry. Jill McGowan, Inc., is dedicated to producing classic yet innovative clothing using the highest quality materials available. In 2011, McGowan opened her flagship store in Freeport, giving women the opportunity to purchase her clothing. The company has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show; more information can be found on the Jill McGowan, Inc. website.


Lunaform, a company located in Sullivan, manufactures high-quality garden urns and other garden accessories. Lunaform’s location on the coast of Maine inspired them to use the finest materials to ensure that each item is weatherproof against the harshest of climates. All pieces are made from concrete hand-turned on a pottery wheel. Lunaform uses a unique process to reinforce all of its urns with steel. The company produces garden urns, planters, bowls, bathtubs, and tables in addition to performing custom work. To order, call 207-422-3306; for more information, visit the Lunaform website.

Sea Bags

Sea Bags is a unique company located in Portland that creates a variety of goods out of recycled sails. In a region deeply tied to the ocean, Sea Bags gets its inspiration and raw materials directly from the sailing culture of coastal Maine. The company produces custom totes, wine bags, pillows, shaving kits, and other bags. All Sea Bags products are made from recycled sails, and a portion of the proceeds support local scholarships and charities. To purchase a bag, visit the Sea Bags website to buy one of its unique designs or to create a custom tote.

Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers

Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers began nearly 40 years ago when a former college professor and his wife began making furniture in New Gloucester, Maine. Early designs were inspired by Shaker, Pennsylvania Dutch, Queen Anne, and other antique furniture styles. Since its humble beginnings, Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers has expanded to employ nearly 70 cabinetmakers. The workshop produces classic wood furniture that fuse beauty and functionality. From ottomans and rocking chairs to coffee tables and bed frames, Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers produces hand-crafted furniture of the highest quality. Pieces are available for purchase at showrooms in Freeport as well as six other locations across the country.

Quoddy Footwear

Quoddy is a leader in the footwear industry with its iconic moccasins. Each Quoddy shoe is hand sewn by a professional craftsperson in Maine, creating footwear of unparalleled quality. A Quoddy shoe is made-to-order, resulting in shoes that support your foot bones, tendons, and muscles. Although Quoddy is perhaps best known for its moccasins, the company also produces canoe shoes, sheepskin-lined boots, suede boots, and other comfortable, supportive shoes. Quoddy offers a quality guarantee and encourages customers to send their shoes in to be resoled, repaired, or refurbished. To order custom, hand-made Quoddy shoes, visit the Quoddy website or one of its stores around the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Eastland Shoes

Eastland Shoes was founded in Maine in 1955 and has continued to maintain its reputation as one of the only family owned and operated shoe companies still manufacturing footwear in Maine. Eastland Shoes uses traditional shoemaking techniques to hand-stitch its products. The company produces women’s and men’s oxford shoes, sandals, loafers, boots, boat shoes, slippers, and moccasins. To purchase, visit the Eastland Shoes website or call 1-888-988-1998.

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