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LL Bean Store in Freeport Maine

LL Bean’s flagship store in Freeport, Maine features indoor and outdoor ponds.

It’s almost impossible to visit Maine without coming home with a suitcase full of new finds. Whether you visit the bustling city of Ellsworth or head for the artsy streets of Kittery, you’ll find abundant shopping opportunities. Maine is packed with retail goodness, from designer boutiques to trendy galleries and rustic antique barns. From food to custom photo gifts, to the latest outdoor gear, you’ll find something to tempt you when you visit.

Arts and Crafts

You’ll find both fine arts and traditional handcrafts scattered throughout the state. Whether you visit one of the state’s fine art galleries or museums, attend a weekend program at one of the art colonies or schools, or simply wander from studio to studio, you can immerse yourself in a variety of work from top Maine artists.

From fine furniture to sculpture and painting, you can find the perfect piece to bring home as a memento of your trip. Maine crafters and artisans offer items crafted with local commodities, including heavily scented balsam wreaths, fine tourmaline jewelry and hand woven, home grown wool textiles. If you’re in search of some of the finest art Maine has to offer, look no further than Portland; the state’s largest city is also one of the best destinations for art. Read More >

Food Specialties 

When you think of Maine, you likely conjure up an image of one of the state’s most popular and iconic food items–the lobster. Maine seafood lures gourmet cooks and foodies to the state each year. Dining in Maine is about more than lobster, though. One of the state’s most abundant crops is the native blueberry, and you can expect to see plenty of berry themes entrees, sides and desserts when you visit the state in when the fruit is in season.

Beverages are a big draw for visitors as well, with wine and beer tours growing in popularity, and microbreweries and local wineries offering a variety of regional and boutique brands. Maine is also home to the thriving Stonewall Kitchen, which provides specialty jams, preserves and other confections to over 6,000 locations worldwide. Read More >


Whether you visit the hottest antique and thrift emporiums, wander back roads in search of bargains or attend a country auction or two,you’ll be sure to spot an antique or two you can’t live without. Maine has a reputation as a gold mine for antique enthusiasts, and for good reason. You’ll find purveyors of antiques of all types and sizes all over the state. Read More >

LL Bean 

Maine is home to one of America’s most popular and enduring retailers; outdoor clothing giant LL Bean will mark 100 years of service in 2012. Opened in 1912 in Freeport, this one-man company has grown to include thousands of employees and sell millions of top quality outdoor apparel and accessory pieces each year. While you can see the venerable retailer in several cities in Maine, a visit to the flagship location is a must for any outdoor enthusiast.

The flagship store, located in Freeport is more than just a shopping venue; it is complete travel destination, with something to offer every member of the family. Expect to be overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of the store; with acres of fleece, thousands of boots and hundreds of hat styles to please even the most finicky shopper. From the in-store trout pond to daily outdoor excursions, classes and demonstrations, the original LL Bean location packs plenty of activities under one roof.

You’ll also find an LL Bean home store, a hunting and fishing shop and related venues when you visit the Freeport location. If you’re planning a trip to the flagship store, don’t worry about what time you arrive; this location is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Read More >

Outlet Stores 

If you’re craving a bargain, or want to take home a piece of Maine at a steep discount, consider stopping by one of the state’s outlet centers. Prime outlet malls can be found in both Kittery and Freeport, with smaller outlets and stores scattered throughout the state. Maine outlet malls combine a mixture of traditional retailers and smaller, boutique style shops offering Maine specialty items.

Visit the Kittery outlet center for designer outlets featuring Tommy Hilfiger, Lucky Brand, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic and Polo Ralph Lauren. The Kittery outlets are packed with merchandise from apparel and accessories to home goods and luxury food items. Plan on spending the day touring the shops, and set aside plenty of time to explore the Maine-centric Kittery Trading Post, which is packed to the rafters with outdoor gear and clothing. Read More >

Live Maine Lobsters

“Live Maine Lobsters” – A common sign in Vacationland!

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