Public Reserved Lands¬†–¬†Kennebec Valley

Holeb Pond

Holeb Pond, Holeb Public Reserved Land. Photo courtesy of Jack Heddon.

Holeb Public Reserved Land

The Holeb Public Reserved Land area consists of 20,000 acres in western Maine. The land is accessible via a private logging road north of Jackman. Visitors may also enter through the traditional portage trail leading from Attean Pond. Many visitors to Holeb take a three-day canoe trip, which passes through the center of the public reserved land. There are opportunities to run class I and II rapids, with the option to portage instead. One of the most striking features of the area is a beautiful waterfall in the center of the land area. There is a designated picnic area on a small island in Attean Pond. Primitive campsites are available throughout the unit. Entrance is free and the unit is open year-round. Call 207-778-8231 for more information.

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