Other Outdoor Activities in Maine

Maine Powered Parachute

Powered parachute in flight over the Aroostook River. Photo courtesy of Paul Cyr.

Life is challenging. For the most adventurous, sometimes it’s not challenging enough. On your next visit to Maine, think outside the box when planning your outdoor activities. Do you enjoy the intrigue of a treasure hunt? Perhaps you envision finding your own pot of gold, or at least a good sized sample. Then again you may want to hold one of Mother Earth’s crystals or an ancient fossil in your hands. Maine offers outdoor adventures covering all of these niche activities, and more.

Geocaching in Maine

Geocaching combines a good old-fashioned treasure hunt with the technological marvels of the modern age. Followers from around the globe visit Maine’s coastal and interior regions, all in pursuit of caches, or treasure boxes, placed in trees, under rocks and even in stream beds. Using a GPS device with coordinates found on the world wide Geocaching website, hikers, bikers and horseback riders head into the wilderness, getting exercise and solving mysteries at the same time. Read More >

Gold Panning in Maine

Gold panning is another hot prospect. A simple gold pan takes up little space in a canoe or kayak. Since most gold deposits are found in lightly disturbed stream beds, pulling out that pan and trying your luck is easy. Round and round the water swirls, tossing out the silt and sand, hopefully leaving you a shiny treasure at the very bottom. Read More >

Rock & Fossil Hunting

Amateur geologists and paleontologists will find much to fascinate them in Maine. While dinosaur bones haven’t been uncovered, fossils of even older creatures are found along the coast and in parts of the interior. Most fossils are found in sandstone. Recent finds include mollusks and leaf impressions from the Pleistocene period. Mineral finds, besides gold, include agates, amethyst, mica and other crystals. Read More >

Extreme Sports in Maine

Extreme sports are activities that get the adrenaline pumping. In Maine, those looking for the ultimate adventure may climb inside the basket of a colorful hot air balloon and soar among the clouds. Or, jump out a plane for a bit of skydiving to see exactly what it’s like to fly like a bird. Climb some of New England’s tallest coastal cliffs or explore a glacially formed ice cave in Maine’s remote interior. Bragging rights included. Read More >

Star Gazing in Maine

Find yourself a deserted stretch of beach along Maine’s Atlantic Coast or next to a pristine mountain lake, sit back and count the stars. You may be lucky enough to catch the Aurora Borealis, nature’s colorful light show, or trace the arc of a shooting star as it streaks across the sky. For a bit of group stargazing, visit one of Maine’s planetariums or the Wilhelm Reich Museum. Do a bit of theorizing about what really is “out there.” Read More >

Anemone Cave

Anemone Cave in Acadia National Park.

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