Maine Family Attractions

Old Orchard Beach Pier

The Pier at Old Orchard Beach, Maine promises fun for the entire family!

Maine’s motto is “The Way Life Should Be” and that means the state’s family attractions focus on the way life should be for families: fun, wholesome, and something for everyone! You and your family may enjoy visiting agricultural fairs or a wide variety of parks, including amusement parks, water parks, or animal parks and zoos. Perhaps you are more active and enjoy participating in activities like horseback riding or playing mini golf. Viewing assorted spectator sports is yet another activity available in the Pine Tree State. Regardless of your preferences, you and your family won’t be disappointed with Maine’s family attractions!

Agricultural Fairs

Agricultural fairs, also known as county or state fairs or festivals, are popular and well-attended events in Maine. The focus at the state’s fairs is on locally grown produce, handmade crafts, and “home-grown” livestock. Fairs celebrate the rural lifetyle that represents much of the Pine Tree state. Over two dozen fairs typically take place between the months of June to October each year, offering a variety of attractions, including craft and animal exhibits, animal and tractor pulling events, midway rides, contests, and of course, food! General admission prices vary from one fair to the next, depending on its size and popularity, as well as the available activities. Read More >

Amusement Parks & Water Parks

The Pine Tree state offers a wide range of amusement parks and water parks; in fact, some parks combine both forms of activity. You and your family may prefer the “dry land” fun of amusement parks or look forward to the “wet and wild” adventures of water parks. Some parks offer you the opportunity to partcipate in both activities! Attractions at amusement parks often include some combination of midway rides, mini golf, rock climbing walls, go-carts, and arcades, while water parks have wave pools, water slides, and flume rides. The state’s numerous parks are typically open from May to September or early October, all weather permitting, with a wide range of entrance fees, dependent on the activities offered. Read More >

Animal Parks, Aquariums & Zoos

You may not think of animal parks and zoos being something worth seeing in Maine, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing native wildlife and marine life you can see, as well as exotic animals imported from other parts of the world. The Pine Tree state offers land parks and zoos, along with aquatic parks, for you and your family to enjoy. Visiting any of Maine’s animal parks or aquariums will provide a fun and educational experience for you and your family, usually between the months of May to September or October, weather permitting. Prices vary for animal parks, while the state’s two aquariums offer free admission, as they are considered “teaching aquariums.” Read More >

Horseback Riding

If you love these magnificant animals, you will definitely enjoy horseback riding along trails that feature the gorgeous scenery of Maine. Available options among different facilties for riding horses in the state allow you to either bring your own horse and take advantage of boarding stables, or take riding lessons and rent a horse for designated periods of time. You may choose from a variety of horseback riding packages, ranging from one hour, to a day or overnight stay, or week-long trail-riding adventures. Read More >

Miniature Golf Courses

The state offers families about a dozen mini golf courses, both inside and outside, ranging from 9-hole to 19-hole courses. Some facilities even offer two distinct 18-hole courses and you may choose one or the other – or play through the entire 36-hole adventure. Maine’s indoor courses offer additional activities such as arcades and go-carts. Outdoor mini golf courses often include extra attractions as well, such as water slides, go carts, batting cages, and rock gyms. A few of Maine’s miniature golf courses feature exciting and intriguing themes, such as pirates, ocean vista, and replicas of Maine historic sites and landmarks. Read More >

Spectator Sports

The Pine Tree state offers many of the usual spectator sports, as well as unusual ones unique to winter in this New England state. From pro to semi-pro sports, you and your family can enjoy watching baseball, basketball, and football games, as well as harness racing and stock car racing. ¬†Winter in Maine offers the usual spectator sports events, such as ice hockey, skiing and snowboarding, and sled dog racing. Some of the state’s unusual winter spectator sports events include toboggan championships, pond hockey, and SNODEO. Read More >

Portland Sea Dogs AA Baseball

The Sea Dogs AA baseball team is based in Portland, Maine.

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