Maine Tourist Attractions

Maine tourist Attraction - Somesville Footbridge

The Somesville Footbridge and the Selectmen’s Building are a famous landmark on Mount Desert Island.

Maine has many facets, and endless ways to explore them. Culturally minded individuals might choose a five-star restaurant and a concert in one of the state’s cities. Nature lovers might take to the backcountry to find the iconic moose or do a bit of fishing. Then again, these same lovers of the earth might turn to the ocean in search of whales and other creatures of the deep. Winter, spring, summer or fall, come to Maine and enjoy the many tourist attractions the state has to offer.

Agricultural Attractions

Imagine a snow cone latticed with real Maine maple syrup, or biting into a crisp apple that you just pulled from its tree. Maine celebrates the agricultural bounty of the Earth year-round. Visit in the fall and spend time picking your own apples, and yes, maybe sneaking a bite or two. If you’re lucky enough to spend Christmas in Maine, you might even cut down your own tree. Just before the first breath of spring, the maple trees are tapped and the sweetness flows. Read more >

Arts & Entertainment

Maine has been a draw for musicians and artists since the Victorian age. Today it is possible to see first rate theatrical productions in modern theaters or on the shores of a quiet lake. Local artists open their studios for special tours, letting you into their world of magic and creativity. Music festivals celebrate the works of old masters and up and coming musicians. Maine also celebrates its culturally diverse population with festivals that honor the Acadians, the early English and Native Americans. Take in a festival celebrating one of Maine’s signature foods, such as lobster or maple syrup. Come to Maine and immerse yourself in the state’s cultural side. Read more >


One of the best parts of going on vacation is sampling the local foods. In Maine, that means you can indulge in fresh lobster caught offshore, fresh trout or venison steak. In the northern part of the state people tend to live off the land, hunting, fishing and farming. In the south, things are a bit more citified. Areas around greater Portland and other major cities are filled with high-end restaurants and well-known chefs. No matter what part of Maine you visit, you’ll have a chance to sample some of the area’s delightfully delicious treats. Read More >

Events Calendar

Maine has a number of annual signature events that should not be missed. The events calendar highlights these festivals, fairs and celebrations, making it easy to plan your vacation. The Acadia Birding Festival in June is a must for birdwatchers and the Acadia Night Sky Festival in September celebrates all things celestial. Bar Harbor welcomes the Fourth of July with style, and hosts a summer fair, jazz and art festivals. Stretch your legs in the Mount Desert Island Marathon. These are just a few of the options listed on Maine’s event calendar. Read more >

Kid’s Summer Camps

Maine is the perfect place for kids just to be kids. Summer camps are found throughout Maine, with activities that take advantage of the state’s natural beauty. Learn to sail a boat or paddle a kayak in the Maine’s Beaches Region. Swimming, hiking, fishing, canoeing, moose and bird watching are on offer in Maine’s still wild interior. To combine natural beauty with the sophistication of the arts and theater choose a camp in the Greater Portland and Casco Bay Area. Creativity abounds in this scenic coastal enclave. Read more >

History & Culture

Maine’s ethnically diverse population is celebrated in the historic English mansions that still stand and in places like Voici the Valley where the French-flavored Acadian culture is still very much alive. The seafaring history is evident in the lobster and fishing boats that still head out for the day’s catch and in the lighthouses that guide them home. Poets like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned their works on Maine’s shores. Successful entrepreneurs like John D. Rockefeller, Jr. helped preserve the state’s famed Acadia National Park. No matter where you go in Maine, you are walking in the steps of history and immersing yourself in her varied cultures. Read more >

Wildlife Watching

Don’t forget that camera on your next vacation to Maine. Comically plump puffins, red faces and equally red feet, will be waiting to pose for you. You may have to look a bit harder for a moose, but once you find one, usually munching away at some bit of green, the magnificent spread of antlers will have your shutter finger itching. It’s not only on dry land where you will find memorable photo ops. Take a whale watching cruise and you might just catch a breaching humpback in your lens. Maine is still a very wild place, and its residents, two and four-legged alike, love it that way. Read more >

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor lovers, Maine is your state. Take to the ocean in search of whales or to drop a line and catch the big one. Board a windjammer and fly over the waves under sail, as the founders of the New World did centuries ago. Strap on a backpack and hit the Appalachian Trail, camping in remote sites in the middle of almost nowhere. Visit sun swept beaches and hidden lakes with their own populations of munching moose. Golfers will find challenging greens with eye-popping views. Lighthouse lovers will find these elegant towers dotting the coast. See Maine from the back of a horse, a kayak or on your own two feet, it’s all for the taking. Read More >


Shopping in Maine is a delight. The fun part is not knowing where you will find your next treasure. High-end retailers, trendy boutiques and galleries featuring local artists abound. Bargain hunters will find outlet malls and those looking for sporting outfits have a chance to visit LL Bean in Freeport. Head away from the city and you might find an antique treasure in a seaside village shop or rustic barn. Local wineries and breweries offer a chance to sample onsite. To take home a true taste of Maine, try anything made with maple syrup or blueberries. Of course that does mean even more sampling. Ah, yes, shopping in Maine is sweet. Read More >

Sightseeing & Tours

Explore Maine’s many wonders by land, sea or air. Tour buses ply the roadways, leading to Acadia National Park or historic mansions, some even of the haunted variety. If you are lucky enough to be in Maine during the fall, take to the sky to see the reds and golds of the state’s hardwood forests. Cruise out into the Atlantic in search of whales and seabirds, like the plumpish, red-beaked puffin. On the way take in the many lighthouses that guard the scenic coast. Join a moose watching expedition, led by a registered Maine guide, surely a photo-op in the making. Maine has much to discover, and just as many ways to do that discovering. Read More >

State & National Parks

No matter if you head for Maine’s magnificent coast or the wilds of the interior, chances are you will be in or near a state or national park. Some, like the 205,000-acre Baxter State Park, are immense and provide protection for a number of Maine’s treasured creatures. The Appalachian Trail stretches for 281 miles through the wildest part of Maine and is a backpacker’s dream. Acadia National Park, the gem of coastal Maine, offers a network of horse-only trails where you can truly bond with nature. Swim in a quiet lake, roast marshmallows around a summer campfire or just head out for a hike to see just what’s out there. Maine’s State & National Parks have much to offer. Read More >

Family Attractions

Maine has plenty of family fun in store for you. The agricultural fairs in the fall lets the little ones get up close and personal with farm animals, take a turn on the carnival rides and enjoy that first surprised bite of cotton candy. Funtown Splashdown USA is just one of the state’s water/amusement parks offering thrilling rides and opportunities to cool off in the summer heat. Play your way past lighthouses and schooners on Maine’s mini-golf courses. For a family-friendly taste of the natural world, take a trail ride on a gentle pony or visit one of the state’s zoos or animal parks to get a close-up look at Maine’s wild side. Read More >

Winter Activities

Winter brings its blanket of snow and turns quiet ponds into impromptu ice rinks. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are popular resort sports, available in places like Sugarloaf, Saddleback Mountain and Sunday River. Cross-country skiing is possible throughout most of the state, including the coastal Acadian National Park. Snowmobiling and snowshoeing enthusiasts take to trails that double as summer hiking or biking paths. Rolling hills bring out the urge to do a bit of sledding, and that fish-filled lake invites fishermen to drill holes in the ice and try their luck. If you want to experience a bit of Maine’s history, take a dogsled ride and see how early settlers traveled in the snowy north. No matter which of these winter activities you choose, a cup of something hot in front of a roaring fire is something to look forward to. Read More >

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