Upcoming Washington County Events

  • : Children - Jul 02 thru Aug 20 - Grand Lake Stream - Outdoor Skills for Boys and Girls - Grand Lake Stream School - Upcoming Washington County Maine Events
    The Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to offer a series of free outdoor skills activities for young people from 11 to 16 years of age on Thursday mornings through the summer. Programs will focus on: Parade Float Construction, Whittling, Cooking a Shore Lunch, Kayaking, Geocaching, Trail Maintenance, Fly Tying and Bow Making. In addition to sturdy clothing and shoes, participants should bring a drink, snack, sunblock, and insect spray. If possible,students should bring their own tools and equipment. However,no tools or equipment are required to participate. For more info phone (207) 796-2100 or email
  • : Children - Jul 07 thru Aug 18 - Grand Lake Stream - Explorations and Adventures - Grand Lake Stream School - Upcoming Washington County Maine Events
    The Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to offer its summer program for young explorers and adventurers on Tuesday mornings. Adventurers aged 6-10 are invited to join in on these free programs. Programs this summer will include: Nature Journaling, where children will make their own nature journal, practice sketching and writing techniques, then head out into the forest to capture nature; Birding, where children will learn about birds' unique adaptations for flight, practice identifying bird songs, and then try out their new skills in the field; Water Bugs, where children will explore the lower levels of the aquatic food chain in Grand Lake Stream (participants will get wet); Capturing Nature with Water Colors, where acclaimed artist and children's author Rebekah Raye will lead children to uncover their hidden talents with watercolors; Hiking Musquash Esker, where children will learn about the ancient marks left on the landscape by the Laurentide Glacier by hiking one if its most prominent and mysterious remains. Plus other adventures.
  • : Other - Apr 16 - Grand Lake Stream - Frog Watch Training - Grand Lake Stream School - Upcoming Washington County Maine Events
    The Downeast Lakes Land Trust invites everyone with a passion for wildlife, and a warm place in their hearts for frogs and toads, to become a FrogWatch USA volunteer. FrogWatch USA is part of an international citizen science program in which individuals and families learn about wetlands and help conserve amphibians. Participants do not need to be frog or toad experts to become FrogWatch USA volunteers! All that is needed is an interest in frogs and toads; a willingness to participate in a volunteer training session; and a commitment to monitor a wetland site for 3 minutes multiple evenings throughout the breeding season. Sensitive to climatic changes, pesticides, habitat destruction and diseases, amphibians' delicate skins and semi-aquatic lifestyles make them early indicators of change in their ecosystems. For more info see the Title link above.
  • : Other - Apr 30 - Grand Lake Stream - David Greenham: Princeton POW Camp - Town Building - Upcoming Washington County Maine Events
    The Downeast Lakes Land Trust in conjunction with the Grand Lake Stream Historical Society is pleased to welcome David Greenham, Program Director from the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine leading a talk on the POW Camp which existed in Indian Township during World War II. Developed from a New Deal Era Civilian Conservation Camp, the POW camp was fitted with 12 foot high electric fences, watchtowers and spotlights. Housing 250-500 German soldiers captured primarily in the Tunisian campaign, Greenham will discuss the prisoners' lives in the Princeton area. Greenham will share stories and insights he has gathered through his research highlighting the prisoners' work in the woods cutting pulpwood for the local paper mill as well as their interactions with the local people in Princeton and Indian Township. For further details about this program or other activities, contact the Downeast Lakes Land Trust by calling (207) 796-2100 or email info@downeastlakes.org.
  • : Other - Jul 10 - Talmadge - Workshop: Women and Our Woods Workshop - Upcoming Washington County Maine Events
    Do you or your family own a woodland? Have you taken the time to plan and care for your land? If you're like most women woodland owners, there are 101 reasons why not. Join fellow women woodland owners and foresters for a day-long workshop designed for you. Bring your questions about forest management. Share your story of why your woodland is special to you. These indoor and outdoor talks will connect you with knowledge and resources needed to help you take care of your woodland. This workshop is offered free of charge. To find more info and to register please email Amanda Mahaffey. Event is on Friday, July 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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